Where is Lola’s located?

Lola’s, 2000 W Berry St, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Do you allow smoking?

We are a non-smoking facility. Smoking is allowed outdoors in designated areas.

Can I book a private party or special event there?

Most certainly! Please send an email with any available details/requests to booking@lolasfw.com

What is your dress code?

We ask that our guests respect others, with a basic standard of wearing a shirt, pants/shorts/skirts, and shoes. Our management and door staff reserve the right to deny entry to guests wearing any clothing items deemed offensive or inappropriate.

Is there an Age Limit to enter the venue?

Although, Our venue permits all ages for certain events, with supervision of an adult, it is best to check each specific event, as many are for 21 years and up only.

Is there an ATM in or near the venue?

Yes, we have an ATM located inside the Saloon bar, near the restrooms.